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Grant Writing


If you want to know the value of money, go try to borrow some.”

                                                                                           –Ben Franklin. Description:

We all feel our business is just one large investment away from being the biggest and best company of our kind. We a Richardson & Associates, LLC focus on building our clients' businesses up in any way possible.  Those who engage us in grant writing services receive the very best one on one research and development team who is dedicated to finding the right grant matches for your organization and then creating a proposal that fits for you.

The goal of our grant writing services is to:

  •    Build donor relationships

  •    Personalize your proposal

  •    Increase revenue streams

Grant Bookkeeping & Tracking

As a CPA firm, we have developed policies and procedures for the tracking, recording and administering grants that are comparable to industry leaders’ standards.  When funding organizations realize that a CPA firm will be handling the bookkeeping, accounting and administration of the grant,  there is a comfort level that is only associated with having a CPA firm.  We already have in place a record keeping system for grants and a database for retaining grant information.  Coordinating multiple grants is a routine function for our grant writing team. We can set up records to track the spending of multiple grants. The report is able to show sub-categories of expenses in as much detail necessary.  Our records are organized and detailed by time sensitive dates and follow-ups that are required. We know what is needed and will be in regular communication with you.  We keep you organized, focused and updated.

Efficient use of your resources

Many grants require the same information such as; a narrative, a budget, and other funding sources.  Once we identify multiple grant opportunities, we compile our findings and supply you with a checklist of needed documentation so once you get ready for your first proposal; you are always ready for any grant opportunity that may occur. 

A database will be used to store information about your program so that we do not have to do research each time we apply for similar grants.  Once we have obtained the information it will be stored and reused. 

Your Business is our BusinessDescription:

One researcher will be assigned to handle your account and to make sure that the database is up-to-date.  With the information gathered, we keep up with current news about available grants in your program area.

We will monitor industry trends in your focused area and identify gaps between your program and other similar programs. We use Grant charting to identify deadlines, staffing needs, timeline, and as a tool to assist in coordinating multiple grant funding activities in one place.  

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