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Our Professionals

Our Management

Sherri Richardson, CPA, CEO 

Hi, my name is Sherri Richardson, I graduated from the University of Cincinnati. I started my career with Arthur Andersen in 1987 - 1990, and now possesses over twenty-nine years of public accounting and audit experience. I was compliance (Audit Manager) for Fluor Fernald (Department of Energy) and more recently for Luxottica Retail. 

In my spare time I like to work with the youth and I also like to travel the world.  I love to cook and entertain.

Yang Xiao, Management Analyst

Hi, my name is Yang, I am an accountl with a Master of Science in Accounting from University of Cincinnati, and dual Bachelor's Degree in Economics and Accounting from Shandong University of Finance and Economics I was a financial analyst for over five years in a major stock market, focusing on industrial trends, and financial portfolio analysis. 

I joined Richardson & Associates in February 2017. I assist our tax team in compiling tax returns, performing tax research, and providing tax consulting services for our clients. Also, I assist our audit team in performing high quality audits. 

As part of the team we rolled out our innovative platform and process to automate and connect every aspect of our services in our secured portal. 

l like to travel and visit art museums in my spare time.

Pictured here are Joey, Sherri, Theresa, and Princess.

Our Interns 

Andrea Woods

Hi My name is Andrea Woods,I am 16 years old. a little something about myself, is this is my first job. I am a 2018 summer intern at Richardson & Associates I like to play a lot of sports like football, soccer, and other sports. I like to sing and dance, and I like to experience a lot of new things; also being an accountant is interesting because people think one thing about being an accountant but there is so much more we don’t know about being an accountant. This summer had made me learn a lot about being an accountant.   


Gabrielle Dickerson 

Hi my name is Gabrielle Dickerson and I’m 14 years old.  I attend Riverview East and I’m in the 9th grade. I like to play volleyball and read books in my free time. I also play basketball and run track. I was the volleyball captain of the middle school team and I’m being looked at to be on the varsity volleyball team in high school. I’ve been making A’s and B’s in all my academic courses. When I signed up for the summer internship program I didn’t think I would make it in but I did!  I’m grateful because this has been a meaningful, interesting, and fun time interning with Richardson & Associates.                                                               

Jae’Lyahn Mcqueen

Hi I’m Jae’Lyahn Mcqueen my hobbies are dancing, sports, and writing. Working with Mrs. Sherri Richardson was a wonderful opportunity, I learned so much about the accounting industry and how budgeting is important for the future. My summer intern experience was great, she was quite flexible and understanding of certain circumstances.  I had an overall great experience!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Former Employee Review

“Richardson and Associates is not a normal 9-5. So, everything at Richardson is not routine. You always find that your going to be always learning new things and ways to do things. When working on a project your always getting intel in all areas professional. So, when you leave the firm your better in all areas of accounting. Even areas that once were your weak spot become your strong suit. You get intel in all of the different accounting professional areas. So, when (if you even want to which I doubt you would want to;) you leave the firm you leave with all the knowable of the diverse ways of accounting in your back pocket.” 


Whatever area of accounting you are working in or working to grow on Sherri (Founder) has been known to help you grow in all the areas you need and want to make your life better and to give you success. You learn to be more out going if your shy, or if you’re an outgoing person you become a socially outgoing person or a social savvy person when working with the different clients tel you have at Richardson.”

-Theresa Harper
Senior auditor

“I loved it. Was an amazing experience. Professionally I already know everything their trying to teach me at my new job, from already learning it at Richardson. Richardson has help devolve me at a mature level. It’s really fulling and great to be able to help people be able to accomplish their company’s or firm goals. You learn a lot of things here and have different experiences you didn’t expect to have with accounting.”

“Learn to push yourself in the places you are most weakest at. Never let something go. And if you have a task keep pushing forward even if you have other task coming at you finish them all. Richardson has helped me become more serious in life. By me never have working at a place as professional as Richardson it was a real change in scenery.”

-Todd Dockery
Paid intern

“Very fun. I enjoyed working there at Richardson. Sherri helped with a lot of opportunity’s, so I could go out and get jobs of my own. She helped encourage me. When, I worked with Sherri I saw how she opened opportunities for people needing jobs.”

“Got a lot of experience with interviewing all the diverse types of people and checking their backgrounds and schooling. Overall excellent experience. Also, very helpful professionally.”

-Jeana Sparks, RN
Consultant in the medical field

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